Friday, November 16, 2012

August 2012

Douma camping at Happy Hills.
 Games for the kids.
Tractor ride - enjoyed by all! 

 I set up painting easels outside in the backyard one morning.

 Cousins Ami and Kirpa came over.
 Here is one of the planter boxes that Robin (and I) built.
I planted fresh herbs in this one.
We also added stairs wrapped around the whole deck and more planter boxes.
Robin did a great job! 
 This was our veggie garden this year.

 Anjali joined a ballet class this year.
Here she is in her outfit.
 We went to Niagara Falls one day.
 We took a ride on the Maid of the Mist.
It was wonderful!  I would highly recommend doing this.
Can't believe I have never done it before.
You can really see and feel the power of the Niagara Falls when you are on the boat.
They brought us so close to the falls and it was wet!

Went to Dave and Buster's to use up some gift cards.
Air hockey victory! 
 Riding a motorcycle.
We also went to Bird Kingdom.
This was also wonderful, and I would recommend it. 

On our walk back to the van, we passed by a dinosaur themed mini-putt. 

When we got back to the van, Brandon said: "I had a great day."  Probably one of his first sentences!
It was so worth it!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

July 2012

Collingwood Roundup
Playing Wii with Uncle Brad.  Yeah Mario Party!
At the beach. 

 He really couldn't get out!
 Where is he going to throw that bucket of water?

Looking towards Blue Mountain. 

 Is baseball in his future?
Look at that throw! 
 Trip to the zoo with Doug and Melissa and kids.
The kids are waiting for one of the animals to swim by....
Brandon hamming it up... 
 Here's what they were waiting for... a sea lion!
 Anjali got to feed the giraffe.
 Brandon pet the sheep.
 Salt and Pepper!  AKA Alisa and Anjali!
She studied the map all day, telling us which way to go!
How old is this kid, anyway?